Cyber Agent plans to set up a second “VinaGame” in Vietnam

Cyber Agent Ventures, a subsidiary of Japanese CyberAgent is seeking potential candidates for its plan to pour investment capital into Vietnam to build up a second VinaGame in Vietnam.

The information was confirmed by Ryotaro Nakayama, the representative of Cyber Agent at the workshop Vietnam Mobile Day 2012 held in Hanoi on May 19, 2012.

There are three groups of potential candidates which CyberAgent targets. First, the companies capable to provide platform, so that players can access and download games, like Mobage and Gree in Japan.

The second group of candidates includes the companies which have the capability of developing high quality game social for mobile devices.

The third one includes the companies which want to cooperate to localize the games of Cyber Game for distributing in Vietnam.

The executive from CyberAgent has affirmed that the people who want to set up a second VinaGame in Vietnam could contract Cyber Agent and get support if they can satisfy the requirements set up by the Japanese group.

The group would provide financial support and information technology knowledge. For example, it would give server support when there is high number of users, or give consultancy on the platform for mobile games, and give support so as to obtain good games from Japan for the distribution in Vietnam.

He emphasized the tendency of developing game social on mobile devices, a field which is very successful in Japan. It is estimated that by 2014, the turnover from game social on mobile devices would reach 175 million dollars, accounting for 50 percent of the total turnover from the online game market, estimated at 350 million dollars.

Nguyen Dinh Anh, the investment manager of the venture fund, also said that social games are very attractive because they can satisfy the demand of gamers to communicate, interact and connect people. However, there are still few games of this kind in Vietnam.

In fact, such games have appeared in Vietnam already, such as Avatar, MobiArmy and Ngu De. However, the number of games remains modest if compared with a potential market like Vientam.

Also according to Dinh Anh, developing social games for mobile devices proves to be a good way to follow for the developers of mobile game apps, especially for students. The students, who have got used to HTML, just need to learn HTML 5 and spend from six months to one year in order to have experience in making social games.

At present, domestic enterprises have gathered their strength on developing games for personal computers (PC) which brings 80 percent of the total turnover from online games.

However, experts have affirmed that the situation would be quite different in the near future.

“VinaGame could see the opportunities of developing online games on PC and it succeeded when following the way. But there is another opportunity now – the opportunity of making social games for mobile devices,” Anh said.

To date, 10 enterprises which started business in Vietnam have got the investment capital from Cyber Agent, and it is estimated that two more companies would be added into the list this year. Every newly set up business would get the support of 100,000 dollars to 1 million dollars, depending on the business plan and operation scale.

Source: Buu Dien/vietnamnet